chasing shinny objects

Get Started and “Stop” Procrastinating!

Having a hard time “getting started” on that very important project or task?

You know the one that keeps slipping between the cracks and now it’s been weeks since you first set a “must get started” date.

Get Started and Stop Procrastination

Is This You With the Net?

Call it what you may but, all of that sounds like “procrastination” or “avoidance”, to me, plain and simple. How do I know? Well,,, from experience.

If you’re on the Internet like I am, “procrastination” may even disguise itself as what we call, “chasing shiny objects”. Chasing these “shiny objects” is a major challenge for us operating in the Internet space.

Ahh Yes, Those “Shiny Objects”

Every day there’s something new or a new and better way of doing things. And although learning and chasing “shinny objects” can be fun, it also paralyzes you and keeps you from the “real” important tasks. And although you feel like you’re Read More…
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